The Grit and Growth Mindset- Traits of Successful Legal Professionals Program joins an evening of Fashion Fun!

3:00PM-4PM Keystone Sheraton, Keystone Boardroom.  Interactive GRIT Program (more details below)

4:00PM- SAKs Fifth Avenue at Tilly’s Third Floor of the Fashion Mall (we will walk from the Sheraton) Appetizers, beverages, provided

5:00 Preview of new fall business casual, event wear, and an eye toward making a great wardrobe from a few pieces.

Shopping will be available until 8:00PM, with fashion consultants on hand for any questions.

Please RSVP to .

This event is Sponsored by SAKS, CHIPS, Dunner Law Group, Eli Lilly and Company, and American Bar Association Commission on Women.

At a Glance

November 14, 2019

Saks Indianapolis - Tilly's Tea Room



Tilly’s Tea Room

Saks Fifth Avenue

8701 Keystone Crossing

Indianapolis, IN, 46240, US


November 14, 2019

More Details

About GRIT and Growth Mindset:

Facilitated by Kim Boyles, Dunner Law and American Bar Association Commission on Women with local panelist speakers:

-Guna Rogers, Beckman

-Alicia Gentile, Rolls-Royce

The hour long interactive program is based on a study reported by the American Bar Association Commission on Women to understand common factors leading to career success for women.  Two key elements emerged “open mindedness” (flexibility with a view that one’s abilities can be developed) balanced with “GRIT” (perseverance and passion for long range goals, even in the face of adversity).  The session explains the findings and provides opportunities to brainstorm approaches for common challenges facing working women.  We are pleased to host a nationally recognized facilitator, Kim Boyles, with a local panel of women leaders in the law, including Guna Rogers, Beckman and Alicia Gentile, Rolls Royce.