Colorado ChIPs Presents: Persuasive Speaking On Your Feet & From Your Seat

Please join the Colorado chapter of ChIPs for appetizers, drinks, and a presentation from Karen Lisko, PhD, Senior Litigation Consultant at Perkins Coie. Dr. Likso is an expert in jury persuasion, witness preparation, and legal communication. She will talk to us about persuasive speaking for IP attorneys.

You have the smarts. You have the message. But, as an attorney or as a leader in your organization, the key to influencing others is to catch attention, keep attention, and make your message stand at attention through memorable content and delivery. The latest research shows that there exist key persuasion differences in female attorneys’ and leaders’ arsenals in comparison to our male counterparts. Dr. Lisko will speak to us about the latest techniques that take into account the “corporate female influencer” research regarding effective messaging and delivery that we can use to be our most influential in our professional environments.

At a Glance

October 23, 2019

Perkins Coie Denver




October 23, 2019

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Thank you Colorado planning committee for organizing this event and our event sponsors, Perkins Coiefor their support.