ChIPs ALI Program for High School Girls Completes Its Second Year

Helping the Next Generation of Young Women 

Engagement and commitment of our members are two primary reasons for ChIPs’ success. As part of our mission, ChIPs seeks to motivate, train and provide opportunities to the next generation of women leaders exploring careers in technology, law and policy. To that end, ChIPs is pleased to announce that we held our second year of the ChIPs Advocacy Leadership & Innovation Program, a.k.a. the ChIPs ALI Program, for high school girls in a new, expanded two-day format. Read more about the the pilot program and its goals here.

Beyond giving young women substantive exposure to the areas of technology, law, and policy, another primary purpose of the ALI Program is to expose the next generation of women to diverse leaders. Like this video, we would like the next generation of women leaders to easily imagine themselves and other diverse individuals in a role of leadership, power or prestige.

Recognizing that none of us achieves success on her own, ChIPs members work together to drive equality, diversity, and inclusion in our organizations as well as society. ChIPs would like to thank our accomplished members and their remarkable efforts with the success of the ALI Program: