ChIPs Announces Scholarships for 2023

ChIPs Network has announced its 2023 ChIPs Scholarship recipients: Jada Bennett of Southern University Law Center of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Caroline Voelker of the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law in  Concord, New Hampshire. 

Bennett and Voelker — who will each receive a scholarship of $10,000 — were selected from a competitive pool of applicants. They were chosen for their academic excellence and commitment to advancing women in intellectual property.  

Jada Bennett 

 Jada Bennett is a third-year student at Southern University Law Center. She is editor-In-chief of SULC’s Journal of Intellectual Property and Technology Law, a member of the Board of Student Advisors and a member of the Intellectual Property Law Association.  

Law Professor Stephanie Ledesma Washington said, “Ms. Jada Bennett is the future of the legal profession and of the global world economy. Ms. Bennett is the gold standard we all aspire our legal professionals to be. I am so proud of Ms. Bennett and excited to see how this scholarship and the opportunities that it brings will help shape her future and help solidify her place in the global legal profession,” Washington said. 

Bennett said, “Getting the ChIPs scholarship is truly an honor. Not only does it help me financially achieve my goals, but it will be an incredible experience to witness and learn from the many attorneys working within the field of intellectual property,” she said. “ChIPs core belief is ‘pay if forward.’ That is something I really resonate with and believe to be true. Empowering and giving opportunities for young women to succeed in the field is very inspiring and something I hope to do for my community.”  

Caroline Voelker 

Caroline Voelker is a third-year law student at University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law.  

According to professor John Orcutt at UNH Law, Caroline is going to be a top intellectual property lawyer and a leading advocate for women in the technology, law and policy space. She is one of the most gifted law students I have ever known. I have no doubt that she is going to make an indelible mark on the intellectual property and technology law fields.  

“Just as important, Caroline is a thoughtful and caring individual. She is always the first person to extend her hand when someone needs help. For Caroline, there is no success unless she can bring others along with her, particularly those who lack her strength. ChIPs could not have chosen a more deserving recipient! She will make you proud, just as she makes us proud at UNH Law.”   

Voelker said, I am incredibly honored to join not only the leagues of women who have won this award, but the ChIPs community as a whole. This grant allows me to pursue externship and clerkship opportunities without a financial barrier. This award has allowed me to shift my focus from financial considerations to prioritizing the development of my career. I can say firsthand that the community that ChIPs has cultivated is needed by young female attorneys, especially those in intellectual property. ChIPs provides representation that fosters support and connection, making a career in intellectual property feel and be sustainable.” 

 About ChIPs Scholarships  

 ChIPs established ChIPs Scholarships to encourage women to pursue a career in intellectual property law. The scholarship is awarded annually to academically qualified third-year law students who have demonstrated a commitment to our core mission of advancing and connecting women in technology and IP law and policy. The award is paid to the student’s school for tuition.