Community – Empowering and Fun in DC

by Annette Puente

On January 14, 2020, the ChIPs DC chapter came together with Betsy Fisher to put on 2020: New Year, New You. ChIPs asked a new DC ChIPster to write about her experience as a first time ChIPs event attendee. Below, Annette Puente shares her impressions from this informal networking event.

I attended the “2020: New Year, New You” ChIPs event on Tuesday, January 14th at Betsy Fisher in DuPont Circle. The event was simple, but genius: Betsy closed her shop for the event, had delicious hors d’oeuvres and beverages, and offered a gift card to the ChIPs attendees. After a short cocktail reception, seven volunteers were invited to draw a name from a jar to be paired with a local personal stylist and then draw a second time to identify the event for which the volunteer model would be styled. The events ran the gamut from business conferences to dates to the Grammys.

While the stylists readied their models, everyone had time to mingle, shop and enjoy the food and drink. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming.

There was even a buzz of excitement for the pending fashion show. The show went off without a hitch, and was a huge success! Every stylist hit the mark with their model. The audience encouraged and applauded all of the models, who fabulously rocked their looks.

The stylists then shared their styling tips for their models, and offered their styling tips to the remaining attendees who then set about to shop and mingle once again. And I unabashedly confess that I took advantage of the stylists advice, the generous gift card and the January sale!

Thinking back to the event as I write this, I realize why “2020: New Year, New You” was a huge success. Worrying about what you wear, whether dressing for work or a personal event, is top of mind for every woman, no matter what her age or profession. The ChIPs organizers pulled off a brilliant event that was not only relevant to the day to day lives of all who attended, but was empowering and fun.

We’ve all been to networking events, so we know this is not an easy task. Having participated in my first ChIPs event, I’m definitely looking forward to attending to my next one! And, I hope to see you there!

Thank to Annette Puente, in-house with Cisco and new ChIPster for sharing her experience with us!  The power of ChIPs network extends beyond women in IP, to women in law, technology and policy.  Join the online conversation on diversity in the workplace, increasing innovation through inclusion and participation, and much more. Once you’ve signed up for the ChIPs Member Community, be sure to sign-up to join your local chapter group to keep up with the latest news and events.