Portfolia’s First Step Fund

While nearly 30% of affluent men have invested in young companies, women are just beginning to invest in innovative companies they want in the marketplace. In fact, only half of 1% of women have backed start-ups, despite controlling the bulk of the personal investable assets for the first time in history.

Portfolia is on a mission to change that by offering innovative investing solutions by helping women invest in companies they believe in and realize healthy returns.

Portfolia offers a modern take on the traditional venture fund, beginning with a relatively low $10,000 minimum investment from its members. Throughout the year, Portfolia members learn about investing while attending monthly pitch calls, engaging in educational workshops, and building relationships within the network.

Portfolia recently launched the FirstStep Fund™, designed both for emerging investors to learn the fundamentals and to provide national and industry diversification for more experienced investors. The fund considers and invests in a wide range of high-potential companies, from seed to growth stages, with the potential for strong returns. It will invest with a preference for diverse founding teams, selecting top potential investment opportunities from across verticals.

In their March newsletter, Portfolia highlighted one of their First Step investors, Indianapolis Chapter Advisor Deborah Pollack Milgate (Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP). Deborah speaks highly of her experiences with Portfolia.

“I joined Portfolia because I saw the opportunity to direct my financial resources to companies that are disrupting the men’s corner on the innovation market and promoting solutions to women’s issues that have long gone unaddressed. It’s about using our money to propel women forward- and avoid reinforcing an unacceptable status quo,” she says.

We’re excited about how Portfolia is helping to close the gender divide by helping women to make meaningful investments.