World Intellectual Property Day Focuses on Youth

NextGen IP: Innovating for a Better Future

ChIPs started in 2005 when seven women chiefs in intellectual property came together to find ways to increase access and opportunities for women in IP.  

 Today we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day 2022 focused on IP and youth innovating for a better future. We recognize the huge potential of young people to come together with innovation, curiosity, and energy needed to drive positive change. 

 At ChIPs, one of our core beliefs is to “pay it forward,” in recognition that none of us achieves our success on our own, and those who are now in a position to give back, should both do so for others and also work to drive increased equality, diversity, and inclusion within organizations with whom we interact and society overall. 

 Through the ChIPs scholarship, the ALI program, and our student chapters, we inspire the next generation to imagine their future as advocates, leaders and innovators in tech, law, and policy. 

 Leaders across the ChIPsterhood share their vision for what is possible.

What is the opportunity ChIPs provides to help expand the pipeline of women in IP?

“I cannot think of a better time to celebrate the progress we have made in broadening access to innovation and IP resources than World IP Day. But there is still much work to be done. This year’s theme, IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future, is about ensuring that today’s young and brilliant minds, from all demographics, have access to the resources that will secure a better tomorrow – both for them and our country. Organizations like ChIPs and programs like the USPTO’s Patent Pro Bono program are already making this vision a reality by encouraging diversity of thought, participation, and engagement with the IP system – and providing the resources to bring innovation to impact. 

 I encourage everyone to participate in one of the regional patent pro bono programs to help support and foster American innovators. We are going to create opportunities for everyone to help:  members of the patent bar, trade mark and other practitioners, scientists and engineers, and anyone who wants to help perform searches. Everyone deserves an equal shot at success in the innovation economy. Ensuring strong IP rights for all is how we increase American competitiveness and prosperity, create jobs and solve global problems. Let’s make it happen.” 

Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office 

What are the opportunities to continue to increase access for young women inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs in intellectual property? 

“In recent years, we have learned through numerous studies that women are not showing up on patents in proportion to their representation in the workforce. And that’s a loss for all of us.  

 In fact, the Hamilton Project found that bringing more women, Black Americans and other underrepresented groups into the innovation process could increase GDP by more than 4%. We all win when these groups are informed about our amazing patent system and given the amazing tools to become a part of the innovation ecosystem.  

 As such, it is important for us in the innovation ecosystem to reach back to young women to provide them with the information, tools, and resources to innovate, create, and protect their intellectual property. Consider hosting an outreach event to expose these young women to intellectual property, whether it be presenting through organizations like the Girls Scouts or Girls Who Code.  To truly make a difference, we need “all hands on deck!” 

—Elaine Spector, Member, ChIPs Washington, DC Chapter, Partner, Harrity & Harrity, LLP  



How can we can make room for more young people to thrive in organizations?

“ChIPs can help younger people thrive in organizations by providing meaningful mentorship opportunities, empowering them to learn about the areas they are curious about, and providing educational opportunities through speakers and events.”

—Paige Stapleton & Marissa Liu , Co-Presidents, ChIPs Student Chapter, Santa Clara University School of Law 

What is the opportunity ChIPs can provide to help expand the pipeline of women in IP?

“The ChIPs Chapters network presents an opportunity to expand the pipeline of women in IP because our individual chapters can connect with local high schools and colleges to share all kinds of information about careers related to IP. These events can show younger women the opportunities available to them, let them meet women that have done/are doing what they want to do, and plant the seed that they too can be part of innovation. I’m a firm believer in the adage – never underestimate the power of suggestion. These events will not only suggest to these young women that they have opportunity in IP, but also will empower them to seek those opportunities.”

—Danielle Williams, Co-chair and Founding Member, ChIPs Carolinas Chapter; Charlotte Managing Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

Joan Toth, Executive Director

ChIPs’ strategic goals reflect the World IP Day’s theme of youth and innovation. We’re committed to helping women enter the IP field in many capacities and thrive in their careers. Diversity – including diversity of age and thought –  is essential to driving innovation.” 

 —Joan Toth, Executive Director, ChIPs 



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