Mission & History

We are a nonprofit organization that advances and connects women in technology, law and policy. We seek to accelerate innovation through diversity of thought, participation and engagement.

Founded in 2005 by seven women chiefs of intellectual property in Silicon Valley, ChIPs has 3,700 members and seventeen chapters in the United States and abroad. The ChIPs community comes from the private sector as well as all branches of the government. Our members are engaged at the heart of current events — as active participants in the lawmaking, policymaking, judicial, advocacy and innovation processes. Participation is open to anyone who shares our mission.

Our Mantra

One of our core beliefs is to “pay it forward,” in recognition that none of us achieves our success on our own, and those who are now in a position to give back, should both do so for others and also work to drive increased equality, diversity, and inclusion within organizations with whom we interact and society overall.


  • Anirma Gupta
  • Noreen Krall
  • Hon. Michelle K. Lee
  • Julie Mar-Spinola
  • Mona Sabet
  • Emily Ward
  • Mallun Yen


ChIPs stands for “chiefs in intellectual property,” a key position in corporations overseeing issues surrounding patents, copyrights, trademarks and other areas of law central to innovation. It’s a position that, historically, few women have held. IP chiefs typically have both a technical degree, such as engineering or computer science, coupled with a law degree. Given the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, this area of the law has persistently suffered from a wide gender gap.

While our community is much broader than the IP specialists who formed it, we are still ChIPsters — and we think of everyone in our ever-growing network as our ChIPster sisters.