About ChIPs Social Justice Committee
The ChIPs Social Justice Committee was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the global need to increase awareness of racial injustice. The committee is structured to be inclusive of the entire ChIPs global community of women in technology, law and policy.

The mission of the ChIPs Social Justice Committee is to increase awareness, educate, and inform members on social justice issues, and bring together different perspectives so we can learn from one another and make a greater impact together.


“Our priority is to open people’s eyes to what the issues are and what we can do about it.” —Katy Basile


Social Justice Committee Leaders

Collaborating Across Chapters
The ChIPs Social Justice Committee collaborates with ChIPs Chapters and the ChIPs community to provide opportunities to increase engagement, advocacy and partnerships as a community.

Contact Lisa Knight and Katy Basile to collaborate with the ChIPs Social Justice Committee.

Commitee Events

The Intersectionality of Voting Security and Justice, Part I 

  • Disability rights in Texas
  • Impact of incarceration

The Intersectionality of Voting Security and Justice, Part II
April 19, 2022

This event was held virtually as part of a series in our ongoing discussion of the intersectionality of voting security and justice. The right to vote is vital to democracy and it is critical to remain abreast of the issues as the voting landscape evolves across the country. We are honored to welcome three extraordinary guest speakers who are advocates and educators for this basic freedom. These three women are ardent defenders of the constitution and will share their knowledge and stories. The program was sponsored by Knobbe Martens and featured:

  • Kim Wyman, CISA’s Senior Election Security Lead in the Biden Administration
  • Nancy López, Professor of Sociology at the University of New Mexico, Associate VP-Division for Equity and Inclusion, and Director/co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Race & Social Justice
  • Lia Sifuentes Davis, Senior Litigation Attorney at Disability Rights Texas
  • Moderated by Maria Anderson, former Secretary of State of Washington, now partner at Knobbe Martens

Advancing All Women in the Workplace: A powerful conversation with Dr. Ella Bell Smith
November 20, 2021 in collaboration with the ChIPs Philadelphia 

Stay tuned for future events

Committee Outreach Guide

These are a few of the many social justice initiatives and programs supported by ChIPs members. If you have an initiative you would like to recommend, please contact Monica Phillips.

Pro Bono Initiatives
Support Lamp Lifeboat Ladder to aid refugees who have survived torture and trauma to discover a new life by supporting their relocation to Canada.

Mindfulness in the law with Rhonda McGee

Initiatives to Increase Diversity in the Patent Bar

Patent Pathways
Led by ChIPs member Elaine Spector, partner at Harrity
Patent Pathways is a diversity program developed by Harrity, the firm that compiles the IPO’S Patent 300 List.  The goal is to increase diversity in the patent field with respect to the most underrepresented group of the patent bar by registering 20 Black/African-American women as patent agents/attorneys and helping to place them with law firms. Invite your firm to be part of this program to interview and hire one or more participants upon completion of the program. To learn more, contact Elaine Spector.

Patent Pipeline Program
The Patent Pipeline Program (PPP), launched by Meta in partnership with the National Council on Patent Practicum is a limited-term program which seeks to increase the number of women and minorities within the patent profession, while continuing to foster relationships with partner firms that have prioritized diversity efforts. Learn more