Nominations and applications for ChIPs General Counsel Boot Camp 2025 are open June 17 through August 12, 2024.

ChIPs General Counsel Boot Camp is an innovative 12-month course for in-house attorneys who want to advance to the position of general counsel. This program is designed for in-house leaders who are 12 to 24 months away from a General Counsel role. Law firm partners with significant in-house experience are welcome to apply. Only a limited number of in-house counsel will be accepted into the program.

Target outcomes:

  1. Identify the hard-to-get experience that a recruiter wants to see.
  2. Develop a network of sponsors, mentors, and peers who will help you advance in your career and make it that much more fun.
  3. A GC role where you will be leading a multi-part function with a team.

Within our first cohort, two participants moved up to General Counsel positions and eight of the 17 members received key promotions to senior-level positions in current or new companies.

The program begins October 16 with an in-person introductory session the day before the ChIPs 2024 Global Summit in Washington, DC.

Apply for the 2024-2025 Cohort of the ChIPs General Counsel Boot Camp here.



"A big part of what brought me to this amazing opportunity is the love, intention, and attention the GCBC poured into me over the year. I will continue to be an ongoing champion of the program and actively involved and engaged in the ChIPs Network."

Melissa Jobe, General Counsel BootCamp Graduate, General Counsel, Crayola

"This program helped catapult my confidence to the next level so that I could reach for - and ultimately accept - my first GC role.

The year-long curriculum has been immensely helpful in not only challenging me to think in ways beyond my comfort zone, but also has provided me with direct access to a vast network of women who have had long, extensive careers as GCs and their advice and coaching has been immensely valuable."

Erin Lothson, GC Boot Camp Cohort Member, Class of 2023, General Counsel, Dandy

"ChIPs GC Boot Camp did a superior job in bringing forth in both an academic and very real way the problems that GCs face. You can hear about topics, you can read about it in the paper, but the Boot Camp puts you in the driver's seat of what would you actually do."

Kathy Card Beckles, ChIPs GC Bootcamp Speaker, CLO and Corporate Secretary, Verisk

"I’ve spent my career working at the intersection of technology and law. As leaders in these fields, we have the opportunity and responsibility to create pathways for everyone, particularly for underrepresented groups. Cisco is proud to support ChIPs and the work it is doing to advance women in tech, law and policy."

Dev Stahlkopf, ChIPs GC Boot Camp Mentor and Speaker, EVP and Chief Legal Officer, Cisco

“ChIPs has been an incredible part of the growth of so many lawyers at Coinbase. Including me— so many ChIPs leaders and mentors to me have been instrumental in my own development as a lawyer and leader.”

Paul Grewal, ChIPs GC Boot Camp Mentor and Speaker, Chief Legal Officer, Coinbase



We recognize the research that shows that women may look at a set of criteria and find that they do not qualify. We encourage you to apply even if you think you do not meet all the criteria.

  • Mid- to senior-level in-house counsel on a career path to general counsel
  • Experience leading a team
  • Experience with recruiting and developing talent in future leaders
  • Candidates should be 12-24 months away from a GC role
  • Law firm partners with significant in-house experience are welcome to apply


Tuition for GC Bootcamp is $5,500. Participants must attend the in-person kick off on Oct. 16th in Washington, DC, immediately before the ChIPs Global Summit Oct. 16-18. Tuition does not include travel costs, including airfare, ground transportation, or hotel.

It is recommended that you also attend the Global Summit. You may purchase a standalone ticket, attend in the delegation of a sponsor company, or attend as a guest of a law firm.

A standalone Global Summit ticket for in-house counsel is $1475. You also have the option to purchase tickets for both the 2024 and 2025 Global Summits for $2750 (a $200 discount off 2024 prices).

Scholarships will be available on a limited basis.

For information on ChIPs Global Summit sponsorships and tickets, please contact Bridget Johnson, ChIPs Director of Business Development & Partnerships, Lock in your 2025 Global Summit ticket price now before prices go up!


Contact Monica Phillips  ChIPs Director of Learning, Content and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) to nominate a candidate or apply directly online.


Core Competencies

  • General counsel responsibilities
  • Litigation, especially class-actions and investigations
  • Understanding technology and digital landscape
  • Privacy, corporate governance, and compliance
  • Corporate and securities risk management
  • Dispute resolution and working with external counsel
  • Reputation management and communications


  • Explore organizational structure and how to lead a legal organization
  • Learn how to build your influence across the enterprise
  • Leadership and diversity
  • Interacting with the board and senior management
  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance
  • DEIB in organizations to lead an inclusive and thriving culture

Professional Development

  • Personal brand development
  • Decision-making
  • Public speaking
  • Working with a coach
  • Executive compensation 


Participants are required to attend the opening session in person on October 16 in Washington, DC.

Other in-person sessions will be held as follows. Participants may join in person or virtually by Zoom. Please note that some experiences will not be the same for virtual participants.

Meals are included during these in-person sessions. Hotel, airfare, and ground transportation are not included.

Thank You to our Sponsors

ChIPs General Counsel Bootcamp is made possible by a grant from ChIPs Board Director Dorian Daley, former executive vice president and general counsel of Oracle and Board Member of The Panetta Institute for Public Policy.

More on Dorian Daley

Thank you to our 2023-2024 location hosts:

Coinbase, Paul Grewal

Reed Smith, Katy Basile

Bartlit Beck, Kate Roin

ArentFox Schiff, Cristina Carvalho

Oracle, Christine Coats