In 2016 ChIPs piloted shadow day programs for girls in three cities across the United States – San Francisco, Austin and DC.  The mission and purpose of these programs was simple: inspire the next generation to imagine their future as (A)dvocates, (L)eaders and (I)nnovators in tech, law and policy.

ALI program participants gain exposure to a diverse range of leaders, including those who charted their own courses in areas where women have historically been unrepresented. Participants visit courtrooms, classrooms, halls of government, law offices and campuses of innovative companies to interact with women who offer insights into their careers, personal stories, and strategies for success.

Future Programs

ALI programs are organized and run at the regional level by our chapters.  Programs are open to high-school girls, from incoming sophomores to recently graduated seniors, who are interested in exploring a career in law. 

If you are interested in helping plan a program, please email us at


Previous Programs