ChIPs launched the Advocacy, Leadership and Innovation program, or ALI (pronounced aa-lee), to inspire and motivate high school girls interested in careers in the law.

About ALI

ALI participants gain exposure to a diverse range of leaders, including those who charted their own courses in areas where women have historically been unrepresented. ALI participants visit courtrooms, classrooms, halls of government, law offices and campuses of innovative companies to interact with women who offer insights into their careers, personal stories, and strategies for success. The mission: inspire the next generation to imagine their future as (A)dvocates, (L)eaders and (I)nnovators.

Apply for an Upcoming Program

ChIPs Youth Leadership Programs are open to any high-school girl, including incoming freshman and recently graduated seniors, who are interested in exploring a career in law. ChIPs encourages high-school girls from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds to apply.

Application are currently closed. We will be announcing our 2019 programs soon.

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It was so amazing to be a part of the courtroom hearings; I didn’t think it was going to be that real. It was also really cool meeting so many different people who are involved in the law and technology world that come from a variety of backgrounds.


I feel that I have gained a greater understanding of the legal system and IP and am now considering a career in either of these fields. You and the other women we talked to inspire me to work and follow my dreams.


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