Our Pro Bono Opportunity Portal: A Partnership with Paladin

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Paladin, an organization dedicated to increasing access to justice by helping legal teams run more efficient pro bono programs. Through the nationwide disaster relief pro bono portal developed jointly with the ABA Young Lawyers Division’s Disaster Legal Services Program (DLS) and Paladin, the partnership will help ChIPs’ 3,500 members across the public and private sector connect with pro bono work in their communities.

“Given how engaged ChIPs members are with current events and advocacy efforts, and our roles as female founders, this partnership felt like a very natural fit,” said Kristen Sonday, Paladin’s Co-founder and COO. Amanda Brown, DLS’s Vice Chair, added, “We’re thrilled that ChIPs members are looking to get more involved with pro bono and are delighted that the Disaster Relief Portal can direct them to organizations in need.”

For ChIPs, recent concern around the legal implications of COVID-19 prompted members to want to get more involved. “We are excited to join forces with Paladin. One of our core beliefs at ChIPs is to ‘pay it forward’. By partnering with Paladin, we can now offer our community access to pro bono opportunities so they can use their superpowers to serve the communities who need it most right now,” said Karen Royer, Executive Director of ChIPs.

To explore pro bono opportunities in your community, visit https://chipsnetwork.org/support-us/pro-bono