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  • via Zoom
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    Registration closes March 29, 2024

    The ChIPs Mock Oral Argument will provide rising advocates with the opportunity to practice and hone oral advocacy skills by participating in a mock argument involving an intellectual property issue, responding to questions from mock judges, and receiving feedback from Judges and seasoned attorneys. The mock argument materials will provide guidelines for participants. ChIPs will arrange for a panel of judges to participate in and provide feedback for each mock argument.  ChIPs anticipates that the panel of mock judges will include active or retired Judges, in-house counsel, and/or attorneys with oral advocacy experience.

    ChIPs invites law firm associates at any level to participate. Attendees can be chosen at your discretion with priority given to those who would benefit from gaining experience practicing their oral advocacy skills. Participants need not specialize or have extensive experience in intellectual property law to participate.

    Each team will consist of 6 people: two participants for the appellee plus a mentor; two participants for the appellant plus a mentor. Each pair will have 20 minutes for their argument, divided into 10 minutes each. Teams will argue opposite a team from another law firm.

    Participation Fee: $5,000 per team.

    • Thursday, May 16, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Over three sessions from 7:45 AM-3:45 PM PST
      • Group A: 7:45-9:45 AM
      • Group B: 10:15-12:15 PM
      • Group C: 12:45-2:45 PM
      • Networking: 3:00-3:45 PM
    • Registration deadline is March 29, 2024

    For questions about the case or volunteering to hear the arguments, please contact Monica Phillips, mphillips@chipsnetwork.org

    For questions about registering your team, please contact Bridget Johnson, bjohnson@chipsnetwork.org.