Join ChIPs OC Chapter and Michelle Galloway from Cooley LLP to learn more about how to overcome the dreaded Imposter Syndrome for a more competent and fulfilling legal practice this year.
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM PT
  • As you may know, Imposter Syndrome, a feeling of inadequacy that persists despite contrary evidence, can prevent an attorney from practicing competently. It can impact many skills necessary to competent lawyering including decision making, difficult conversations, and professionalism. And, it can lead either to a failure to be diligent (by procrastinating) or to over preparation and overwork leading to client dissatisfaction and damaging lawyer health and wellbeing. Why do so many attorneys fear being exposed as a fraud? Why the self-doubt and self-devaluation? In this seminar, you will learn:


    • What neuroscience and psychology tell us about the prevalence of “imposter syndrome” and why is it more prevalent in high achievers.
    • The costs of imposter syndrome on lawyers and firms and legal departments..
    • The relationship between competence and confidence and why are both needed to practice competently.
    • Practical strategies can organizations implement and individuals use to break out of “imposter syndrome.”



    Our speaker, Michelle Greer Galloway, has been an associate, partner and is currently of counsel to the Cooley Litigation department and its IP group. Her litigation practice focuses on patent litigation. Michelle is a frequent speaker at conferences and at companies combining current scientific and psychological research with practical advice and humor regarding leadership and building high performance teams. In addition to her practice, she is a lecturer teaching courses in patent litigation and leadership and management skills at Stanford Law School and a lecturer at Santa Clara Law School teaching courses in patent litigation, pre-trial litigation techniques, and law practice management. She currently serves on the California Lawyers Association Racial Justice Committee and on the California Lawyers Association Litigation Section Executive Committee. She has a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell and has taken courses related to neuroscience and leadership.