In-Person Event
  • 5:30 – 7:30 pm EDT
  • Join us for a conversation with top jury consultants Jamie Laird and Angie Hickox of Laird Trial Consulting for a discussion on how women are perceived in the courtroom, in the boardroom, and in everyday practice. Reception to follow.

    Female attorneys face unique challenges and opportunities. Moderated by Katherine Kieckhafer, Ms. Laird and Ms. Hickox will discuss strategies for effective communication – including how to command authority and win over your audience. Ms. Laird and Ms. Hickox will share examples from their extensive experience helping witnesses and lawyers prepare for trial in IP, antitrust, and complex commercial litigations. Expect to hear practical tips and strategies to help you demonstrate credibility and be more persuasive in any setting.


    • Katherine Kieckhafer, Senior Associate in the Intellectual Property practice of Allen & Overy (Moderator)
    • Jamie Laird, President and Founder of Laird Trial Consulting
    • Angie Hickox, Senior Trial Consultant at Laird Trial Consulting LLC

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    Jamie Laird
    Jamie Laird is President and Founder of Laird Trial Consulting and has been in the field since 2003. Jamie has consulted with clients on some of the biggest and most significant cases in this country. Her expertise in intellectual property makes her “indispensable” to clients litigating patent cases. Clients have noted Jamie’s unique talent for connecting with witnesses and enabling them to communicate their story effectively to jurors. This is true especially in situations where witnesses must transform complex, technical or business information into a format that is understandable and persuasive for the average juror. In addition to witness preparation, Jamie regularly designs jury research studies, analyzes mock trial data and jury deliberations, creates supplemental jury questionnaires and attorney voir dire, selects juries at trial, and conducts post-trial juror interviews.

    Angie Hickox
    Angie is a Senior Trial Consultant at Laird Trial Consulting LLC. She regularly leads client engagements, consulting with trial counsel on mock jury research design and implementation, witness preparation, jury selection, trial strategy/observation, and post-trial interviews. Angie’s advice is tailored to each case and delivered in a direct and practical manner. Since 2005, Angie has worked on a wide variety of cases including commercial cases related to antitrust, IP, and contracts. She has worked on hundreds of cases in federal and state courts across the nation. Angie is passionate about helping counsel understand and reach jurors through effective communication strategies. She is adept at

    identifying the key strengths and challenges of each case and designing case narratives that help jurors organize the evidence and argue her client’s case in the jury room. Her work with witnesses centers on building confidence and helping each witness feel prepared to deliver their message. Clients have praised her for her deft touch with witnesses and for having keen observations and recommendations on jury issues.

    Katherine Kieckhafer
    Katherine is a senior associate in the Intellectual Property practice of Allen & Overy’s Boston office. She focuses on complex patent litigation, with an emphasis on Hatch-Waxman cases and others involving pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices or other life sciences

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Jamie Laird Jamie Laird
Angie Hickox Angie Hickox
Katherine Kieckhafer Katherine Kieckhafer