We’re All in This Together: Atlanta Virtual Event Recap

We are all in this together.

ChIPs was formed through personal connection – seven women joining forces, and having conversations. Today we are a community of more than 3,000 women globally…and last week we discovered the power of virtual community and connection.

On April 8th, the ChIPs Atlanta chapter hosted “Maintaining Our Connections During Challenging Times”, the first in a series of events designed to connect us all virtually. More than 35 ChIPsters joined Atlanta Chapter leaders and ChIPs co-founder and Board Chair, Noreen Krall for a conversation about the importance of staying connected with colleagues, friends and community despite being physically separated during these unprecedented times.

From this conversation we learned:

– Connection is key. We are in this “new normal” together, and the only way through is to support each other. There’s a collective undertone of wishes for safety and sanity amongst co-workers, family, and friends, and we are learning new tools we can use to stay in touch when we can’t be physically present with each other. If you ever feel alone, know that you have a whole community behind you. Just reach out and we will be there to respond.

– Our industry is adapting. The reality is, remote work could be here to stay, or at least be seen more often than before. Working remotely, we are learning new ways of communicating more effectively during this crisis, and this will shape how we communicate and work together in the future.

Thank you all for attending this milestone event. Huge shout out to our Atlanta Leadership team for making this happen: Auma Reggy, Elizabeth Lester, Pamela Councill, Stephanie Allen, Tori Silas, Tina Dorr and Susan Russell. Thank you to Noreen for your time, words of wisdom, and sharing the story behind the connections that started it all.