Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Girls Have No Limits

In the past decade, only 4% of patents have been held by solely by women inventors, despite the groundbreaking contributions by amazing women in IP across the globe. As an organization focused on the advancement of women across tech policy and law, our chapters are busy working to empower women in their regions.

Earlier in the year, our Atlanta Chapter partnered with GA Tech Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to host “Girls Have No Limits”. Thirty middle school girls who were curious about IP came prepared with insightful questions. They had extensive and complex questions around copyright and Tik-Tok images and idea theft. The students participated in two hands-on activities related to engineering and automotive design.

These girls were in a university classroom setting and were clearly engaged during the IP presentation especially as evidence in their thoughtful IP questions! This event made IP, trademarking, and patent law accessible to the girls in attendence by presenting content relevant to the interests of young girls – make-up patent and design, IP within social media platforms, the importance of women spearheading more patents.

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