ChIPs Member Network

ChIPs is open to anyone who shares the ChIPs mission of advancing and connecting women who work at the intersection of technology, law and policy. All members of the ChIPs Network (“ChIPsters”) are united in their commitment to advancing the ChIPs mission. If you are an existing member and would like to update your Member Profile click here.


ChIPs Member Benefits
As a member of the ChIPs network, you gain access to our nine existing regional Chapters and any future Chapters. Members opting to join a regional Chapter receive invitations to Chapter events. Each regional Chapter organizes up to four events per year. Chapter events provide local networking, educational and community outreach opportunities for members.


All members receive our quarterly newsletter as well as announcements about the annual ChIPs Global Summit and Next Gen Summit.


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To apply to join the ChIPs member network, please complete and submit the ChIPs New Member Form below. A ChIPs team member will notify you of the status of your member application within seven business days of receiving your application.


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